Note: A hodgepodge of trials, added to as I come across them at work, during teaching or whilst preparing pages for this site. Interpretation of trial results is opinion (my own or my teachers’) and is included only as a prompt to read further and not as gospel.




Open label, non-inferiority study of edoxaban vs dalteparin

1050 patients

Edoxaban 60mg OD (30mg if CrCl 30-50, body weight <60kg or taking P-glycoprotein inhib)

Dalteparin 200 U/Kg for 30 days, thereafter 150 U/Kg. Dose reduced if plt count <100!


Primary outcome = composite of recurrent VTE or major bleeding = Edox 12.8%, Dal 13.5%


Edoxaban = 7.9% recurrent VTE, 6.9% major bleeding

Dalteparin = 11.3% recurrent VTE, 4.0% dalteparin