Use of IVC Filters (2006)

Potential Indications


-       To prevent PE in patients with VTE who have a contraindication to anticoagulation (AC)

-       Selected patients who develop PE despite AC (Alt preferred, e.g. áINR target)


-       Pregnant patients with a contraindication to AC

-       Pregnant patients with a VTE <2 weeks prior to delivery


-       Pre-op patients with VTE <1 month ago in whom AC must be stopped

-       Prior to pulmonary endartectomy


Not an indication


-       Unselected patients with VTE who can have AC

-       Free floating thrombus

-       Thrombolysis




The only purpose is to prevent PE, & actually increases risk of DVT.




Immediate:      Misplacement, pneumothorax, haematoma, air embolus, arteriovenous fistula

Early:              Insertion site thrombus (8.5%), infection

Late:                DVT (21%), IVC thrombus (2-10%), post-thrombotic syndrome, filter migration