Hypercellular particle.jpg

This is a collection of morphology photos I have taken myself - hence the slightly scattered subject matter.

I am happy for these images to be used by others for (non-profit) educational purposes but I would be grateful if you could credit me and point the audience towards this site!


My experience of the morphology papers was that examiners used good quality examples of the condition being tested.


The only way to prepare is plenty of practice and if possible doing so using the same microscope you will use for the exam. Practice timing yourself, including writing down the answers as this is a real pressure in both the short and long cases papers.


Free resources are harder to find for morphology.

Barbara Bain of course has published a wealth of books, most labs will have copies of these that can be borrowed.

Team Haem tweet short cases often with morphology slides.

The CDC have a great set of malaria photos.