Question 1

Give a differential diagnosis for a FVIII:C of 0.15 iu/ml

Question 2

A. A pregnant woman tells you she has a family history of ‘haemophilia’. How would you proceed

B. You find nothing from the above, what possibilities remain?

Question 3

A. In an asymptomatic woman, whose father has severe haemophila A and mother is normal, what is the risk that her daughter is a carrier of severe haemophilia A?

B. The daughter is a carrier (FVIII 0.68 iu/ml). She goes on to have two twin girls of her own. One twin has a FVIII of 0.69 iu/ml. What would you predict the levels to be in the other twin?

Question 4

In which situations can you be sure someone is an obligate carrier of haemophilia A?