Feedback and Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the latest Haembase survey, it is a huge help. A few things to note from the feedback:

  • 70% of you kind people don’t follow my Twitter account (@TomboxaneA2). A very wise decision no doubt, but it leaves me wondering what the best way to communicate new additions to the site. Does anyone read these News blogs? Who knows! Give me a shout if you do at

  • Hello to all the respondents outside the UK! Egypt, India, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka at the last count. I would love to know what it is about Haembase that works for you - is everyone preparing to sit the UK exams? Or do you use it for general reference, exams aside?

  • Crikey, 73% of you are visiting Haembase more than once per week - I do hope I can keep up so that it continues to be that handy.

  • The further the exams retreat into the past for me, and with baby to occupy my recent thoughts, I do wonder if my practice MCQ’s are no longer as representative of the real deal. If there is anyone who has sat the exam recently and would like to contribute some questions (made up, not reproduced from the exam itself) it would be fantastic to hear from you! Full credit will be given of course.

And to address a few specific comments made in the free text boxes:

  • A request for more case-based studies on transfusion. I will certainly try to come up with something on this front. In the meantime, take a look at Dr Morton’s Twitter feed (@TransfusionWM) for a number of excellent real life case threads.

  • The side bar does not contain all the topics featured on the website, but the grey bar on the left does. I know, right! Very frustrating, however I can’t find a way to fix it. However, the search box on the home page is very good, so if you can’t find something you think should be on the site try that.

  • Suggest that collaboration with other groups/regs with special interests may make it easier to maintain the site. Absolutely! If you’d like to do this please let me know. I hope to meet some of you at BSH next April maybe?

  • Really helpful if more past papers are uploaded. Unfortunately I do not think it is my place to share official materials on Haembase, but is often worth asking your colleagues locally who has kept notes of past questions - there will be someone! What I will do is continue to try and add further practice questions.

  • At times I have to refer back to the guideline to try to get some understanding to the bullet point you have highlighted. Do let me know if there are particular notes on the site that are murky or opaque and I will try to amend. What gets spelt out and what is assumed on Haembase is really just based on my own prior knowledge and may not be generalisable.

Finally, in April I said I wouldn’t do this but now the days are shortening and the nights drawing in so I am going to share some of the kind words you have had to say about Haembase.

  • Really good reference, kept up to date – best I’ve found for this

  • Excellent resource, appreciate the hard work and sharing of your experience

  • Very good site thanks for your dedication

  • Really kind that you have done this, and you’ve done a great job

  • Keep up the good work and thanks

  • Fantastic website, so helpful to all trainees. Please continue to keep updating the site; you have made this an invaluable resource for exam preparation

Cheers, T

New Content

Thanks to the inaugural HaemSTAR National Meeting, the following sections have been updated:

Haemophilia - Extra info on newer therapies in haemophilia A, including Emicizumab

TTP - Extra detail on treatment, including Caplacizumab

Gaucher’s - Generally filled out with a few extra snippets

HaemSTAR is a UK network of haematology registrars interested in prompting and conducting audit & research in Non-Malignant haematology - We’re always looking for new people to join the team, you can read more about it here

Feedback & Website Plans

Thank you to everyone who completed the April survey of the website. I received 50 responses and have had a look through to think about how to prioritise updates for the website.

The website analytics tells me that Haembase has had >4,500 unique visitors and 45,000 page views since it started last year (??How many are automated internet bots?? But thanks to Twitter I know some of you are real!). The MCQ questions are the most popular page with >1,000 views, which tallies with the feedback.

The three most popular priority improvements were:

  1. Add more Part 1 MCQ/EMQ

  2. Add more Part 2 preparation

  3. Tidy up formatting & appearance (If you’re interested, all the à signs you see around the site happen when an arrow, —>, is copy/pasted from Word. I am trying to scrub them out as I find them)

In response to some of the free text feedback:

  • ‘There are minor mistakes (just a few) but no way to communicate to correct them’ - I was reluctant to have an e-mail account for the website as expect it to fill with unmanageable volumes of spam. This is also a one-man job and I may not be able to reply to genuine messages. But I will give it a trial go as I want the website as accurate as possible.

  • ‘It would be good to have MCQs where answer is automatically shown rather than have to flick between pages’ - I agree, but not currently available to my website builder for dummies.

  • ‘More morphology’ - There will be more, but it will be piece by piece from day to day work and I am currently on parental leave so not in the near future I am afraid.

  • ‘A basic intro to haemoglobinopathies’ - I also work in a very low incidence Deanery and it makes them tricky doesn’t it? I will see what I can add

  • ‘Make pdf version of notes’ - This is still one of my long term goals

Many people also wrote some lovely comments about the site, but I won’t bore you with those here but thank you!


E-mail account for corrections / feedback - is now live.

Tidy up typos/formatting issues - gradually as I come across them

Continue adding exam prep questions

Continue to update/add notes as BSH guidelines are published

Improve haemoglobinopathies page

PDF version of notes - not in the next year, but a long-term goal

Cheers, T