Feedback & Website Plans

Thank you to everyone who completed the April survey of the website. I received 50 responses and have had a look through to think about how to prioritise updates for the website.

The website analytics tells me that Haembase has had >4,500 unique visitors and 45,000 page views since it started last year (??How many are automated internet bots?? But thanks to Twitter I know some of you are real!). The MCQ questions are the most popular page with >1,000 views, which tallies with the feedback.

The three most popular priority improvements were:

  1. Add more Part 1 MCQ/EMQ

  2. Add more Part 2 preparation

  3. Tidy up formatting & appearance (If you’re interested, all the à signs you see around the site happen when an arrow, —>, is copy/pasted from Word. I am trying to scrub them out as I find them)

In response to some of the free text feedback:

  • ‘There are minor mistakes (just a few) but no way to communicate to correct them’ - I was reluctant to have an e-mail account for the website as expect it to fill with unmanageable volumes of spam. This is also a one-man job and I may not be able to reply to genuine messages. But I will give it a trial go as I want the website as accurate as possible.

  • ‘It would be good to have MCQs where answer is automatically shown rather than have to flick between pages’ - I agree, but not currently available to my website builder for dummies.

  • ‘More morphology’ - There will be more, but it will be piece by piece from day to day work and I am currently on parental leave so not in the near future I am afraid.

  • ‘A basic intro to haemoglobinopathies’ - I also work in a very low incidence Deanery and it makes them tricky doesn’t it? I will see what I can add

  • ‘Make pdf version of notes’ - This is still one of my long term goals

Many people also wrote some lovely comments about the site, but I won’t bore you with those here but thank you!


E-mail account for corrections / feedback - is now live.

Tidy up typos/formatting issues - gradually as I come across them

Continue adding exam prep questions

Continue to update/add notes as BSH guidelines are published

Improve haemoglobinopathies page

PDF version of notes - not in the next year, but a long-term goal

Cheers, T